My name is Liz and I am 23 years of age with a 3 year old child. I am married and have a good life, my story began in April of 2014. While attending college I began to get really sick and was having trouble keeping up with my classes. I was not being myself anymore, and since I was about to graduate I did not want anything to get in the way of my studies and my career. I was exercising a lot because I was going to attend the academy for law enforcement. I assumed it was all the exercising I was doing, but something seemed off to me and I decided to take a pregnancy test. To my surprise it came out positive. I cannot deny that I was very upset and mad at myself. The first thing I did was to stay quiet about it while I decided what to do. I certainly did not want this child and was hoping the test was just a mistake. I was thinking about it for days and decided to terminate my pregnancy. I went to Planned Parenthood and took the pregnancy test there. They told me it was positive and asked what I wanted to do, so I told them to terminate. I went in the following week where they did an ultrasound. I was not allowed to hear the heartbeat and they gave me a blurry picture of the “fetus.” I was very nervous because my mom had found out I was pregnant and she did not want me to abort. She said if I didn’t want the baby that she would take care of him or her but to not terminate. I had made my decision already and was certain that it was a good choice. My husband found out that I was pregnant and he was very happy and excited. He told me that it was the best gift I could ever give him. My heart did not want to go through the abortion procedure but my mind was already sure what it wanted.

The following days I was very confused and would cry all the time, all my family was very happy except for me, I went into the clinic without anybody knowing and paid the amount. Inside my stomach felt so sick since I was already 5 weeks I kept thinking that it already had a heartbeat yet the negative thoughts were also in my head because I was already very sick with nausea and vomiting. I sat on the table and the doctor was explaining to me everything that was going to happen. I took a deep breath and swallowed the first pill. She told me that first pill was to stop the growth of the baby so by some hours it wouldn’t even have a heartbeat anymore. The next day I would take another set of pills to expel the baby. I got home and still felt very sick. I started vomiting and called Planned Parenthood to see if it was normal and they told me that those were some side effects. The next day I woke up very early in the morning and was thinking what if the baby still had a heartbeat, if I took the next set of pills, how was I going to expel it? I was very confused and started searching in the computer to see if there was a chance the baby still had the heartbeat and I was going to just remove it like that. I then wanted to have an ultrasound because I never had a chance to hear it. I was searching for hours on the internet where I could find a place where I could have one done for free and discreetly. I found a pregnancy center online.

I called and they told me I could go in anytime. I did not hesitate to come in. I met with a counselor and after some questions I let her know what was going on and what I had done. I only had that day to decide if I was going to take the rest of the abortion medication. She quickly called another doctor in and told me there was medicine I could take to reverse the effects from the medicine I had taken the day before. I did not know this at all. They made me feel comfortable and safe, and they were such great ladies that did not judge me at all. I asked them if it was possible to have the ultrasound done since I had not really seen the baby or heard the heartbeat. I was sure that the baby had not made it through the first medication, but to my surprise when they showed me the screen the baby’s heartbeat was still very strong. I could not stop my tears. I was now hearing my baby’s heartbeat. They quickly made calls all over to check if there was a doctor that could see me that same day to give the medication for the baby’s growth. I then told my mom what I had done with the abortion medicine and she began to cry. I told her how I found the pregnancy center and how well they treated me and how they told me there were positive options to continue my pregnancy. I told my mom how I still had the second set of the abortion pills and she got them from me and she threw them out right away. I told her how the pregnancy center had made calls so a specialist could see me right away to give me medication to continue the pregnancy. That afternoon my mom went in with me to the appointment and I started taking the medication.

Today my son is now 3 weeks old and is one of the best gifts I have received along with my first child. If it wasn’t for the help of this clinic I would have been very lost, They took their time to call me every month to check how I was doing and to check if I was still going to the doctor for my checkups. I really didn’t know there were options to save my pregnancy. I made the right choice to go them and tell them how I felt and how bad I wanted to just be happy. They are like a family to you and will listen to you carefully no matter what the situation is. I am very glad I went to them for help because if it wasn’t for them my older son would not be this happy with his little brother. From the bottom of my heart I thank the pregnancy center that helped me and everyone that has gotten in touch with me to check how I’ve been doing. My family is very happy with my newborn and are doing their best to help with him. I am happy and could not have made a better choice. Now when I look at my child I cannot imagine how different everything would be and how I was so naïve to think that it was not going to affect me in any way. There is help out there for women who are confused and feel lonely. For me, the help that the pregnancy center has given me is the best. I didn’t feel alone and I knew that if I had a question I would not hesitate to call them. Abortion is a word that I would like to change to Life because that is what we should want for our children. They cannot make the choice to be here in this world or not. It’s just a matter of understanding and asking for help when needed. With the help of the pregnancy center, my decision to keep my child has been the best and I am truly happy for it. There is a new light in my home that brings a smile to everyone in my family and I would not change it for the world.