About us 

Abortion Pill Rescue Ireland and The UK

Abortion Pill Rescue Ireland and UK is a joint initiative of The Life Institute Ireland and The Good Counsel Network UK for the purposes of providing women who regret taking the first dose of the abortion pill regime with information on and access to abortion pill rescue medication.

The website provides women with evidence-based facts about the efficacy and mode of action of abortion pill reversal to enable an informed decision on the option to attempt to reverse the effects of the abortion pill before the abortion process is complete.

The Life Institute and The Good Counsel Network UK provide information on this website to assist women to exercise their choice to rescue their pregnancy. We do not counsel women or link women with medical practitioners. That is the role of Heartbeat International who can be contacted through this website.

To find out more and to speak in confidence to a pregnancy advisor who will explain what is involved and with your consent will put you in touch with a medical practitioner in Ireland or The UK who prescribes abortion pill rescue; complete the contact form.