I’m married. I’m college educated. I have a full time job. I own a house. But at 35 years old, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. We had the space and financial means to have a baby, but the stress of having a baby in my workplace was extreme. I knew what would happen when I told the office I was pregnant. I had seen what they did to a co-worker when she got pregnant. I did not want that to happen to me. It was so stressful, so I decided that I would terminate the pregnancy.

I quietly made an appointment at the local abortion clinic and received the first of the two abortion pills. I knew it was wrong, but I took it anyway. Instantly, I was filled with regret. I hated what I had done. I stayed up all night worrying that I made the wrong choice. I started praying. The next morning I frantically looked online to see if I had any options to save my baby. I found the abortion pill reversal website and called the hotline. I was so nervous. As I was talking to the nurse on the phone, I was devastated that there were no doctors near me that were listed to help me with the reversal. My heart sank; however, they did not give up on my baby and contacted a local office in my town and they agreed to see how they could help me. The doctor I saw was Catholic and believed in doing anything he could to help me save my baby. He stayed on the phone with the nurse the entire time to make sure everything was done correctly. The nurse was wonderful. She walked through the steps with the doctor.

After receiving progesterone for a week, I came back for an ultrasound to see if the baby survived. He did. He was alive and well. He was saved. The nurse from the hotline saved him. I thank God everyday when I look at him. He is a healthy, beautiful boy! Without the option of the abortion pill reversal, he would not be here today. I am thankful I found the information readily available online and for the caring nurse who talked to me and to the doctor. She is my son’s angel. Thank you for giving us a second chance.